Please sign my guest book, below, and let me know how I am doing with my website DisabilityVoice. Guestbook posts before April 2011 are from the original DisabilityVoice a website. I transferred the guestbook comments over from the old site myself so it will say posted by Timothy Carey.

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  1. Good Luck, 7/5/2008
    Reviewer: John Herrmann (Rancho Santa Fe, CaliforniaUnited States)
    The site looks good. I wish you much sucess with it.

  2. Best of wishes, 7/9/2008
    Reviewer: Cast Magic (, )
    I hope you are able to reach your goals with this site.

  3. Enjoyed this site ;-), 2/22/2011
    Reviewer: Mel (brillion, wiUnited States)
    Nice website! Passing this on to some friends with disabilities in the area!

    Student, 4/30/2010
    Reviewer: Jhanna Swenson (Oshkosh, )
    I really enjoyed your presentation at UWO today. Thank you for sharing your story with us! Your webpage is very informative as well!

    Student Nurse, 4/30/2010
    Reviewer: Jhanna Swenson (Oshkosh, )
    I really enjoyed your presentation at UWO today. Thank you for sharing your story with us! Your webpage is very informative as well!

    Executive Director, 2/28/2010
    Reviewer: John Patey (Eau Claire, United States)
    Very informative- excellent newsletter.
    This is the only newsletter I forward to my home
    e-mail so I have time to read it.

    Keep up the good work!

    Keep it up!, 2/17/2010
    Reviewer: Renee Beck (Chaska, MN)
    Wow, I love what you are doing to help people with disabilities and their families to stay informed on very important subjects. And I saw you will be speaking too, that’s super. Keep up the great work and I will see you in a week.

    Mom, 12/23/2009
    Reviewer: Sharon (Middletown, )
    Dear Tim,
    Thank you for all the time, effort and energy you dedicate to helping others via this website. I look forward to receiving your newsletters, and appreciate the opportunity it offers me to become increasingly informed about those areas wihch carry affectation for my family and others w/special needs. A true gift!

    Mrs., 10/26/2009
    Reviewer: Natalie Manning (Bronxville, NY)
    Dear Tim,
    What an incredible website! Very impressive.
    All the best from your friends in New York City!

    Average rating: (4.6)
    You rock!, 6/1/2009
    Reviewer: Jean Detlaff (Mayville, WIUnited States)
    Hi, Tim,

    Great to see you using the computer to help others! Had a nice visit with your Mom on Saturday.

    Keep up the good work!

    Way to go!!, 3/2/2009
    Reviewer: Renee Beck (Chaska, )
    Hi Tim,
    What a great thing you are doing for people with disabilities. It must be great to have such an awesome cause to focus your efforts on. Take care and hope to see you soon.

    Andy Carey, 3/1/2009
    Reviewer: (, )
    Keep up the great work, Tim! You have our endless support.

    Mrs. DebbieMahoney RN,BSN., 2/27/2009
    Reviewer: Debbie Mahoney (Chester, NH, United States)
    You have continued to be an inspiration to all people everywhere, not just those with disabilities.My hope and prayer for this site is that it will grow, that other gifted and creative peoiple will newtwork with you, and that with growth and visibility, this may be a great “voice” for those individuals that need to be heard, and that the public would also be educated through it.

    Great Site, 2/11/2009
    Reviewer: Steve Grusendorf (, )
    Hey Tim,

    Great Work~

    Mrs., 1/30/2009
    Reviewer: Andrea Gapko (Eau Claire, United States)
    Just joining. Haven’t had a chance to assess.

    Hey Tim!!!, 1/5/2009
    Reviewer: Doreen (Stevens Point , Wisconsin)
    Just thought i would say HI!!
    I am working in Stevens Point – at a nursing home but i am on the Medicare floor! I take care of the people who come from hospital after knee or hip or some other surgery and cant go home!

    Great Job!, 10/25/2008
    Reviewer: Pamela (, )
    This looks like a great, informative site! A lot of hard work went into this and I sure hope it helps raise awareness for folks with disabilities! KUDOS!

    An Encouraging Site, 9/29/2008
    Reviewer: Audrey (Rensselaer, NYUnited States)
    This site is great! I hope more people visit it. It is so difficult to get personal sites out there and viewed. It would be nice to have my own store someday but for now I have my little web page:
    I create my own unique disabled dolls, I make other things too but many people compliment my disabled dolls. I am disabled I was born with Ehler’s-Danlos Syndrome, I also take medication for depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder, I care for my husband who is also disabled 32, DMD.

    Great job , 9/22/2008
    Reviewer: Stephanie Stewart (Oshkosh , )
    Cant wait to see you on our island in SL

    Great job , 9/22/2008
    Reviewer: Stephanie Stewart (Oshkosh , Wi)
    Cant wait to see you on our island in SL

    Good Job, 7/15/2008
    Reviewer: Scott F. Sands (Orlando, United States)
    Keep up the good work! Lots of luck with this worthwhile endeavor.

    Good Luck, 7/10/2008
    Reviewer: Sinead Raleigh (Waukesha, WIUnited States)
    This site looks really interesting and I hope more people with disabilities check it out and get help they need and want here. I will keep up to date on this site.

    Best Wishes, 7/10/2008
    Reviewer: Frances (Delray Beach, FloridaUnited States)
    Timothy, you put a great deal of work into this site. I wish you the best of luck and great success.

  4. Timothy this is a great website , and very helpful. Debbie Stevens Michael Kneeter

  5. I am almost blind. I was born with Macular degeneration. I am on disablilty. I am with the man of my dreams. There is a total of 4 kids and 1 grandbaby and another on the way. There is only two living at home. We live in a super small town so I can’t get to a job if I could find one. We want to get married but without my income we couldnt make it. Why is it that “Normal” couples dont lose in any income when they get married. I did work long enough when I could work to get my benefits, I should be able to keep them. For anyone going through this why should we get punished for loving someone? I support this cause in many ways for many people.
    Thank you for fighting for us.

  6. Hi Timothy, Your website is really good, and keep up the good work!