Disclaimer and TOS


Disclaimer and Terms of Service

From here after DisabilityVoice refers to the entity of the DisabilityVoice website, its owners, and its authors.

If you find anything offensive or harmful, please contact us. We have the right to remove any inappropriate material on this site or newsletter.  We know opinions can raise tampers, but please refrain from name calling and or foul language directed toward people.  Once in awhile you and I use the word HELL or DAMN, but never at the expense of someone’s feelings.  We have the right to decide what is considered foul language.  Minor infractions may lead to a warning major infractions can lead to memberships being revoked.

All groups created on DisabilityVoice social advocacy should be for the purpose of furthering the cause of people with disabilities.  This can include a group about in issue you feel important to people with disabilities or it can be a person with a disability having a group for common for personal interests.  Spam is a big issue in on websites.  Also, any group which is perceived to be spam can be deleted by us and the user who created the group will be expelled. To help prevent spam in your group being perceived as spam please contact us and simply explain what your group is for before creating a group.

DisabilityVoice is not responsible, nor liable, for any advice, of treatment, diagnosis given to you by Third-party people or websites you may come in contact with at DisabilityVoice.  Disability voice is not responsible, no liable, for any other information, services or, products you may have obtained through this website, its newsletter, facebook page, or other DisabilityVoice forum.  At DisabilityVoice we do our best to make sure all information we refer you to is legitimate and trustworthy, but we are not responsible for outside website links we refer you to and content on those links, including computer viruses or the like. The statements or comments made here are the express opinions and or property of individual authors not necessarily that of DisabilityVoice.

All members and otherwise receiving the DisabilityVoice Newsletter may opt out of receiving the newsletter or may give suggestions for the newsletter by contacting DisabilityVoice.

If you have any questions at all about these statements or DisabilityVoice please email DisabilityVoice.