Why Start DisabilityVoice


Why Start DisabilityVoice?

I started DisabilityVoice because I was tired of complaining about the problems people with disabilities face and not doing anything about it. Many times a I have thought of starting a website like DisabilityVoice, but it seemed overwhelming. This was until two things happened in my life. The woods behind my home was being developed, 2005-2006, behind my house and the owner was a Wisconsin State Representative. I had seen him working on his property many times and one time he actually used our garden hose. One day I just decided I would call him up and see if you would come to listen to some of my concerns about people with disabilities. After we discussed my concerns at my home he actually drafted a bill which was against The Medicaid Marriage Penalty. This gave me encouragement that legislators really do want to help people with disabilities, but most don’t actually know what the issue are. Around the same time I received an email that DAWN, Disability Advocates Wisconsin Network, was looking to give away a grassroots advocacy grant. I applied for the grant and received all I had asked for and more to create a website that would help people in Wisconsin with disabilities better advocate for themselves. So I created DisabilityVoice and after a year I expanded the promise of helping people with disabilities advocate for themselves to the whole United States and not just Wisconsin.

What is your hope for DisabilityVoice?

I hope DisabilityVoice will help unite all people with disabilities and people who care about the needs of people with disabilities. That people will unite despite their different believes, ethnicity, and needs. I hope people with disabilities and others will share their needs and hopes for the future with myself, Timothy A Carey, and other members of DisabilityVoice. I hope that DisabilityVoice will not just be a uniting force on people, but also for other websites and other organizations. Please contact me if you need help or have any ideas on how to better unite people with disabilities. And contact me if you would like to help th in any way. I can’t help you unless I know what you need. If you feel that DisabilityVoice is an important resource and you feel you can afford to donate please do so by clicking on the following button.