Mike Hipple BIO


Mike Hipple had to strive and even fight to have his voice heard because of his disability and the fact that he has to use a communication device to do most of his communication.  Despite Mike’s setbacks he hasn’t given up and has been able to make his voice heard.  With the help of mentors, parents, his communication device, and loads of determination, Mike has been able to achieve what many might not have thought he could.

Mike is from Appleton Wisconsin and he is working to give others a voice.  Just as his mentors Sharon, Jen, and Stacy, a speech therapist and a physical therapist respectfully, helped Mike with his communication through Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC), Mike strives to help and work with people who have a communication challenge.

In Mike’s words, “I eat and live for AAC to give others a voice just as I have been given.  Without some type of AAC many people with disabilities would have trouble communicating the most basic need.  Imagine not be able to tell your carrier what you want to eat or even where you are in pain.”

Mike started the Wisconsin AAC network to address the need for more support for families and individuals in Wisconsin using AAC.  Mike envisions the day when he can declare his vision, “Everyone in Wisconsin has a voice. We have a great AAC training program for police, teachers, doctors, case workers, and those with communication needs.  We have a great support network for families and school districts. Wisconsin is a leader in AAC.”

You can contact might if you’d like to be a part of this network.  His e-mail address is mike4@new.rr.com.  Also learn more about AAC at the International Society of AAC and the United States Society of AAC