Writer’s Guidelines


By submitting an article to DisabilityVoice™ (DisabilityVoice.com™) you hereby grant us permission to publish it and edit it for length and content, as necessary, without monetary compensation. In return you will receive a short bio and link to your website or other contact information. Furthermore, you grant permission for your article to be reprinted on other websites and in our various newsletters providing the article, your bio and link remain intact. This allows for promotion of your writing as well as promotion for this site.

Double check the information you have provided in all of the fields of this form before sending.  Articles need to be proofread, grammar and spell checked PRIOR to submission. PLEASE do NOT use multiple exclamation points (!!!) in your articles. Please do not use the terms “disabled people” or “handicapped”, but rather use “people with disabilities.”

By submitting your contribution, you represent that you are its author or creator, or that you are submitting it with the permission of its author or creator who has agreed to these terms and conditions.

Submissions to DisabilityVoice™ be around no more than 1,100 words, but going over depends on the article and decision on DisabilityVoice™.

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