Amazon Helps DisabilityVoice

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Nov 202012

Hello everyone on website, DisabilityVoice2 Facebook Group, DisabilityVoice Twitter, DisabilityVoiceSpace on Yahoo Groups, and DisabilityVoice on Second Life.  Not to mention anyone who views DisabilityVoice Articles or DisabilityVoice Newsletters.  For the last two years I have been receiving money from the state of Wisconsin IRIS program to keep DisabilityVoice fees up to date.  It looks like if my appeal with IRIS doesn’t go good I will no longer receive this money.  I’m not sure if this is in response to my latest public complaint of new unreasonable IRIS rules or just because I have a different person going over my yearly plan.  I will be posting more on this unreasonable rule.  Nevertheless, to help get ready for this cut in payments, I have gotten on the associate program at  At the right side and down a ways of the DisabilityVoice website there is a search area for Amazon.  You can search for products you might want to purchase.  When you find an item you would like to purchase you can click on it and then add it to your shopping cart.  Every item you purchase in this manner DisabilityVoice gets 4% of the purchase cost.  This does not increase any cost to you.  So when you do your Christmas shopping think of Amazon and DisabilityVoice.  Also at the bottom of the DisabilityVoice website is a banner.  You can click this manner to purchase gift cards to DisabilityVoice for Amazon.  Again DisabilityVoice will get a percentage of your gift card purchase without increasing cost to you.  So please help DisabilityVoice keep doing good work.  Also, there is always a donation button at the bottom of the DisabilityVoice Contacts page.

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