Zubits Magnetic Shoe Closures

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Nov 212016

This is exactly what it sounds like, magnets to close your shoes instead of Velcro or ties.  Zubits Magnetic Closures come in various sizes and strengths depending on foot size and type of activity.  These seem like something that would be useful to many people with disabilities.  There are some Zubit knockoffs as indicated by various internet reviews so make sure you try actual Zubits.

Zubits Website

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Nov 202016

Mary Lynn Larsen and her Husband Mike Larson started 101 Mobility of Northeast Wisconsin in June of 2015, but this story does not start there.  Larson’s have two children with the genetic disorder Prader-Willi Syndrome.

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Oct 212016

Engaging in social situations in a virtual environment may significantly improve real-world interactions for young people with autism, new research suggests.

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Sep 232016

Echo, Echo Dot, and now the Echo Dot (2nd Gen) are among a line of products that can control your world by connecting to the Amazon.com voice system called Alexa.   Products that interface with Alexa allow you to control other products through Alexa.  From getting the time and asking for a weather report, to listening to Pandora and prime music, to adjusting the thermostat or turning on a light, to checking your calendar or even preheating your oven, everything is done by voice with Alexa.  The Alexa system can be used by people without an Amazon Prime Account, but a prime account will open up a world of more features.  As a person with a physical disability, I can say Alexa has changed my world.

Now you can help support DisabilityVoice by purchasing an Echo Dot Second Generation.  You must purchase through one of the links at the DV Amazon page for the purchase to help DisabilityVoice.
Echo Dot (2nd Gen) comes in black or white. Either color $49.99.  With a prime membership 2 day shipping is free.

DV Amazon page


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Sep 012016

Pokémon Go is a free location-based app developed by Niantic for both iOS and Android devices. It encourages users to explore their environment by using augmented reality while simultaneously trying to capture as many Pokémon as possible.

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Feb 202016

Good typography is more than good design; it is a good experience. That’s why our Pinterest feeds are filled with so many variations of hand-lettering, unique fonts, and calligraphy; we just can’t get enough of those beautifully illustrated quotes or excerpts of text. Why? Because the shapes of letters and simple design details add character and personality to the words depicted, enhancing the reading experience.

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Author: Katy French  Publication: VisualNews.com  Date: 2-3-16

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People with Disabilities to Review Joystick

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Feb 082016

DisabilityVoice is looking for someone with a disability to test out a product. This person must either write an article for a review or answer questions and someone at DisabilityVoice will write the article. The reviewer will receive a product and after they have used it for a couple weeks they will be able to keep the device. This device is called the screen stick joystick for smart devices. If you think you might be able to use this device, please Email me on at DisabilityVoice.Tim@gmail.com .  The reviewer must have a smart phone or tablet to review this product.
Device Site

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