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Pokémon Go is a free location-based app developed by Niantic for both iOS and Android devices. It encourages users to explore their environment by using augmented reality while simultaneously trying to capture as many Pokémon as possible.

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Author: Kendall Rayburn  Publication: Friendship Circle Date: 07-21-2016 

People with Disabilities to Review Joystick

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Feb 082016

DisabilityVoice is looking for someone with a disability to test out a product. This person must either write an article for a review or answer questions and someone at DisabilityVoice will write the article. The reviewer will receive a product and after they have used it for a couple weeks they will be able to keep the device. This device is called the screen stick joystick for smart devices. If you think you might be able to use this device, please Email me on at .  The reviewer must have a smart phone or tablet to review this product.
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Author: Timothy A Carey Publication: DisabilityVoice Date: 02-08-2016

Feb 072014

A mouth and voice operated game controller, mouse, and keyboard to assist a disabled gamer in playing games on the PS3, PC or Android.

This is Timothy A Carey of DisabilityVoice.  Please click on the image below to watch this video by Fred Davison and become a backer.  I became a $100 backer of the Quadstick despite it reaching its goal of $10,000.  I felt this is a very important device.  I would love to talk to the creator of this device.  Full article link after the video.


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Nov 292012

While most people frown At the amount of time kids spend playing video games, some students are using their video game experience to help others. Colleges are taking the passion students have for video games and challenging them to develop video games that can enhance the lives of children with Autism.  View Entire Article

 Author:  Tzvi  Publication: Circle of Friends Date: 11-29-2012

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One-Button Baseball For Disabled Gamers

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Mar 212012

A few years ago, Smith wrote a letter to Sony’s San Diego studio, the developers of the top-rated “MLB: The Show” series, and the producers were so moved by Smith’s passionate words about baseball, the Cardinals and their video game, that Sony went ahead and created Smith’s character in “MLB 10: The Show.”

According to Smith, seeing the cyber version of himself gave him a feeling like never before. It was as if by some miracle his cerebral palsy ceased to exist nine innings at a time.

 It’s a feeling he wants to share with other disabled gamers.

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Author: Jon Robinson Publication: ESPN  Date: 1/25/11

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Jan 062012

In His Words.

Vent-Dependent Quadriplegic Bowls a 212 and 14th Game of 200+

Recently at Quad Squad Bowling, I bowled my third highest score to date, a 212, which was my 14th game of 200 or better.  That’s not bad, especially considering that I’m paralyzed from my neck down and use a ventilator to breathe.  I share this to show people, especially wheelchair users, what is possible.
If you’re wondering how it’s possible, the answer is called an IKAN Bowler, which is essentially a fancy bowling ramp that can attach to pretty much any wheelchair.  View Entire Article
 Author: William Miller  Publication:  emPOWERing Wheelchair Users  Additional Info: DisabilityVoice Article
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Xbox Kinect Can Work for Gamers in Wheelchairs

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Mar 142011

Many of you have probably heard about the new xbox coming out this fall called Kinect. This new technology allows users to dance, run, dodge, bend, and kick instead of using any controllers such as the current xbox or wii console games. This is a fascinating turn in technology towards a completely hands-free gaming experience, but do they have gamers with disabilities in mind?. . . .More Article   By Steve Spohn- AMS Vans   – Jul 12, 2010

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Nov 292010

In hopes to lower the cost and improve accessibility to wheelchair training for children with disabilities, US researchers are creating a robot that teaches users how to drive a powered wheelchair safely. The robot is called ROLY . . .More ArticleBy AMS Vans Blogs  amelia– Aug. 16, 2010

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Rest in Peace Dear Corey

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Dec 292009

DisabilityVoice Speaks: Cory was a friend of Timothy Carey of DisabilityVoice.   

 Corey “Dis” Krull was a professional writer

By Steve Spohn- Able Gamers   – Dec 17, 2009 


I told him to take it easy, that his health was more important than AbleGamers. . . . More Article
, disabled gamer, and most of all, good friend. Saturday, December 12, 2009, we lost Corey to the afterlife.
I’ve been pretty fortunate in my life, having only had three people close to me ever pass on. Death is not something I’m used to dealing with yet… if anyone really does get used to it. But I never expected that this would happen. The last time I spoke to him, he told me about his hospital stay and that it was all over, and he was on his road to recovery.


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