Vote to Continue Disabled Citizens

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Jan 272018

All members of Disabled Citizens Inc of Neenah, Wisconsin and the surrounding area please send in your ballot to continue Disabled Citizens Inc instead of dissolving this important non-profit.

All members that have their dues paid and all lifetime members are allowed to vote not just the board members. I have attached the ballot.

There will be enough members to take over the board if membership decides to continue.

Attachments (click below to get document) 
Continuation Ballot

GIVE Your Hope For 2018

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Dec 182017

Please Give Your Hope For 2018

Every year my friend Jason Hubal provided me with hope from People with Disabilities, their Families, and Friends in the form of an article containing what people hope for in the next year or what they have accomplished in the current year.  My friend Jason passed away which brought me into kind of a slump for even wanting to continue DisabilityVoice.  Among other things, Jason was committed to helping DisabilityVoice by writing articles.  I’m trying to keep the memory of Jason alive in me, in others, and in DisabilityVoice, by continuing with Hope for 2018.  Please give me what you hope for in 2018 or what you have accomplished in 2017 or both.  Please provide your name, age, location, and disability (if you have a disability).  Also, let me know which items you want public.

Deadline for submitting your Hope is January 24, 2018. Please email me at with your HOPE by January 24, 2018!  If you are a Friend of Mine on FaceBook, you can submit your hope through  Facebook Messenger.

This is also in remembrance of Mark Boatman who taught me to fight for what you need and Dwight Eldred Jr.  who taught me even more that God loves us all.  Mark and Dwight both passed away recently and all, including Jason, had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

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Appleton Full-Size Wheelchair Van Sale

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Aug 252017

Kimberly, a resident of Appleton, WI, is selling a wheelchair van. This is not a minivan. This white E150 excursion van is a 2003 and has 48,000 miles on it. It includes TV, VCR, and DVD player. The van is equipped with the millennium series wheelchair lift. The asking prices $11,5000. Contact Kimberly at 920-213-5320

Publication: DisabilityVoice Date: 08-25-2017

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Your Hope for 2017

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Dec 272016

My intention with this article was to be a continuation of contributor Jason Hubal’s hope articles after his passing, but this year there was a seeming lack of interest. Jason passed away earlier this year. My hope for 2017 is for DisabilityVoice to help more people with disabilities and for DisabilityVoice website to grow in usability & number of users. If you missed the deadline for giving your hope, there is still time to give your hope for an article in the new year. Check out the inspirational quote for December 2016 at the end of this newsletter for some inspiration. People who don’t necessarily have a disability, but know people with disabilities are also invited to give your hope or inspiration. The new deadline is Thursday, January 19, 2017.

Please Give Your Hope

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Nov 182016

For about three years now Jason Hubal of DisabilityVoice has included an article on what people hope for in the next year in the DisabilityVoice Newsletter. It was Jason and also my feeling that the hope of others drive us forward to continue the work at DisabilityVoice.  In this tradition and in memory of the late Jason Hubal I am including a similar article this year in the DV Newsletter for December 2016. Please everyone let me know what you are hoping for in 2017 or if you want what you have accomplished in 2016. Or any New Year’s resolution. Please e-mail me, Timothy Carey, at by Wednesday, December 12 midnight.

Please include your name, age, and where you are from along with your statement.  Also include your disability if you have one.  And let me know if you want to include your disability in the article and if you want to be anonymous.

Author: Timothy A Carey  Publication: DisabilityVoice Date: 11-18-2016 

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Living Beyond Boundaries Yankee Candle Fundraiser

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Oct 212016

Living Beyond Boundaries is holding a fundraiser so your organization can help people with disabilities live a meaningful life filled with happiness, experiences, and
opportunities. Living Beyond Boundaries, Inc is a not for profit Corporation and is tax exempt under
Section 501 (c) (3).

Click on the link below, once the page loads, go down to Start Shopping and enter the group code 990106224 and enjoy.


Author: Timothy Carey  Publication: DisabilityVoice Date: 10-21-2016 

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Oct 172016

Sometimes life changes course quickly. Justin Vedder was only 37 when he was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson’s, and his wife Ashley was eight months pregnant with their third child.

A former University of California, Berkeley quarterback, Justin was typically social and outgoing. But like many newly-diagnosed people with Parkinson’s, he bega

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Author: Laura Amann Publication: Fox Feed blog  Date: 10 -14-2016

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Oct 102016

On any given day, Margarita Elizondo will roll her wheelchair onto a stage, face a horde of kids, and start dancing.

“The kids love, love, love when I get up on stage and guide them through a dance,” she says. “They’re amazed by my wheelchair.” Elizondo says

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 Publication: KPBS Broadcasting Date: 10-01-2016

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Service dog keeps young student healthy

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Apr 302016

Published on Jan 23, 2015

Simba, a service dog that keeps 9-year old Tayler Stevens aware of her blood sugar levels. Simba is the only active service dog in Stevens’ school district.

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