Oct 152016

A federal judge in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. has tossed out of court alawsuit filed three years ago by the U.S. Department of Justice that claimed Florida health administrators had acted with “deliberate indifference to the suffering” of children with disabilities who were being warehoused in nursing homes for lack of more appropriate accommodations with family members or in the community.

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Author: Carol Marbin Miller, The Miami Herald Publication: Disability Scoop Date: 09-26-2016 

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Jul 142016

The Disability Equality Index (DEI) for 2016 was released recently. Companies are ranked on their disability equality companies over 80% are honored on this list.  They are divided into three categories which include 100%, 90%, and 80%.  How apropos with the Olympics starting soon; gold, silver, and bronze.  HP, General Motors, and Boeing scored 100% equality.  3M and Walgreens scored 90%.  Oracle and McKesson scored 80% equality.  For a full list go to DEI Website and make sure to Download The PDF Document.


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Mar 262016

Charter schools are suspending students with disabilities at higher rates than typically-developing children and in numbers that outpace traditional public schools, a first-of-its-kind report indicates.

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Author: Shaun Heasley Publication: Disability Scoop Date: 3-25-16

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Mar 032016

The Department of Health Services of Wisconsin (DHS) has released a document they call Family Care 2.0 / IRIS 2.0 Concept Paper. This concert paper is supposed to be about what DHS has planned for long-term care in Wisconsin. This document will go to The Joint Committee on finance near April 1, 2016. From there the Wisconsin legislature will have to submit for approval in the form of a waiver From The Federal Government. Hearings for public input on the matter will take place in two locations on March 7.  For locations and times of the events, as well as information viewing the hearings online, can be found by visiting  the DHS Website on Long-term Care 2.0.

Click here for a download of this concept paper. Timothy A Carey will be attending the hearing in Madison on March 7, 2016. Please review this document and comment to this post on items you would like to him to try and address at this hearing. You can also e-mail Tim at tcarey@DisabilityVoice.us.
Author: Timothy A Carey DisabilityVoice  Notified By: Sandy Popp through Act Now from Options For Independent Living Date: 03-02-2016

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Jan 192016

But Disney said no pushing wheelchairs allowed. “That caught me by surprise, actually,” said Boyle.

So he contacted the U.S. Track and Field Federation and asked them to reconsider. “We got a phone call out of the blue. It was the director of the event himself, who said we would like you to come down and take part,” said Boyle.

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Author: Dawn Kendrick Publication: WTHR Date: 1-18-15

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Dec 222015
An experimental drug that gives a young boy with a rare disease a lot of hope could soon be unavailable to him on Christmas Eve.
Ten-year-old Tanner Rico is already looking forward to growing up.

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Author: Craig Herrera Publication: 10News San Diego Sourced Publication: Date: 9-18-15

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Dec 142015

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R-of course) has once again demonstrated just how much he doesn’t care if people—children, even—suffer and die in ways that are totally preventable on his watch. An investigation by the Miami Herald has uncovered how the state gutted its Children’s Medical Services, a program designed to help chronically ill and disabled poor children. So kids are getting dropped.

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Author: Joan Carter Publication: Daily Kos Sourced Publication: Date: 12-12-15

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Nov 112015

November 18th:

The Assembly Long Term Care Committee is holding a public informational hearing on Medicaid Managed Care, Family Care-IRIS 2.0, and has invited national experts to discuss how states can make sure companies are providing quality services to all participants no matter where they live.

Attend the hearing:

Wednesday, November 18, 2015
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Room 412 East,
Wisconsin State Capitol

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 Publication: Wisconsin BPDD Date: 11-09-2015 

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A Disgruntled Yelp User

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Oct 202015

First of all, I may not know the ADA code front to back but I have a sneaking suspicion that the only change required for accessibly wasn’t redoing the staircase size.

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Author: Jackie Publication: Sourced Publication: Diary of Inspiration Junkie

Date: 9/30/15

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Sep 302015

I am currently writing my testimony to DHS regarding changes to Long-term Care in Wisconsin. DHS is going to be ending IRIS and starting what they call Family Care / IRIS 2.0. DHS will be integrating primary, acute, behavioral health, and long-term. For people already on Family Care, doctors are covered under Medicaid, but everything else is covered by Family Care. For the most part Family Care chooses for you where they think you should get your services from. For example, the Home Health agency care is received from. IRIS, on the other hand, only pays for goods and services Medicaid will not. IRIS is self-directed which is a good thing, but it isn’t so great when you can’t find the services you need.

The testimony DHS is looking for is ideas on how the new Long-term Care System should be run. I call it Long-term Care 2.0 because we now need to get out of the notion of Family Care or IRIS. We need to think about what Long-term Care should look like after 2017. We all need to take look at the pros and cons of both Family Care and IRIS and let DHS know. The 8 public hearings, I mention in an earlier post, and written testimony by e-mail or mail are probably the last times the public will have to formally voice their opinions on Long-term Care 2.0.

I would suggest first looking at the document by DHS which has questions to help you generate your testimony. It is linked above. I also suggest you taking a long look at what else you you would like to change from the system you you are already enrolled as well as what you like to see stay the same. I will be completing my e-mail testimony by Friday. People can look at my testimony for examples and ideas. The DHS website states that deadline for written testimony is on Friday, October 30, 2015, but on some of the testimonies I seen on DHS videos show a date of October 11.

Author: Timothy A Carey Publication: DisabilityVoice  Date: 09-30-2015

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