Nov 262017

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article explaining Disabled Citizens Inc DCI needs Board Member Positions filled or DCI will have to be dissolved.  This statement still stands true.  I hope people will decide to run for Board Member Positions and will show up on November 27 at Brewster Village at 6:30 PM.

I, Timothy A Carey, will be running for President of Disabled Citizens Inc.  Please check out my document on why I think I should be the next President of DCI.  I would also like to take the time to nominate Joe Martin as Vice President of DCI.  I would also like to endorse Marie Koepsel for Treasurer of DCI and Marissa Bennwitz for Secretary of DCI.  Please also read their documents on why they think they both should be Board Members of DCI.  Marie and Marissa will be at the November 27 DCI meeting and they will be notifying the current board of their Intentions to run for a Board Member Position. I will also be at the next DCI meeting and I will be notifying the current board of my intentions to run for President of DCI.

Timothy A Carey for President
Marie Koepsel for Treasurer
Marissa Bennwitz for Secretary

The Next DCI Meeting: 
November 27, 6:30 PM
Brewster Village
3300 W Brewster St.
Appleton, WI 54914

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Disabled Citizens Inc Needs Your Help

 Posted by on November 15, 2017 at 6:14 PM  Advocacy, Socialization
Nov 152017

Disabled Citizens Inc. (DCI) which operates in Appleton, Wisconsin and the Fox Valley area needs your help in the form of Board Members. This advocacy group has been operating for over five decades and has been involved in many improvements in the lives of people with disabilities. Examples of these issues are transportation, curb cut outs, and handicap parking & fines. DCI also gives money back to various organizations. DCI provides opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in activities such as going to minor league baseball and football games, and their yearly Holiday Party.
Disabled Citizens Inc might have to close operation if they cannot find some Board Members. DCI is in need of 4 Board Member positions including President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. If you feel you might be appropriate for one of these positions, please come to the next DCI meeting. If you think someone else might be a good Board Member for one of these positions, encourage them to come to the next DCI meeting.  DCI to do so much more with your help.

The Next DCI Meeting: 
November 27, 6:30 PM
Brewster Village
3300 W Brewster St.
Appleton, WI 54914


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Sibling Summit 2016 -WisconsinSibs

 Posted by on August 16, 2016 at 4:56 PM  Events
Aug 162016

WisconsinSibs is hosting the Siblings Summer 2016 event. This event will be held on Saturday, September 17 in Madison, WI.

“Plan to attend our first-ever Sibling Summit hosted by WisconSibs, Inc. This one-day event will be filled with information, inspiration and networking for adults who have siblings with disabilities, family members and professionals. Held at the beautiful American Family Headquarters just northeast of Madison, WI, the Sibling Summit features speakers and activities critical to siblings, family members and professionals. Registration now open“.

View Flyer

Publication:  WisconsinSibs Website 

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Home For a Special Needs Child -Fundraiser

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Apr 262016

We are here to help the Jackson family who is in need of assistance in gathering funds for a down payment on a home that will provide a safe and functional living space for their special needs child.

Zacharia Faith Groenig-Jackson is one of three children in the Groenig-Jackson family. Before Zach’s birth, Misty, Zach’s mother and father Dustin, were told by the doctors that there would be complications with Zach’s birth which would leave him with physical disabilities that would challenge him and his family for the rest of their lives. On December 27, 1995 Misty went into premature labor with Zach. Knowing the complications that would challenge Zach and the family, the doctors asked Misty if she wanted to abort the child. Misty told the doctors and extended family that if it were meant for Zach to be in her life, God would bring him into this world as he would. On December 27, 1995, Zach was born premature and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and had severe neurological issues that would leave him wheelchair bound for the rest of his life.

View Fundraiser 


Jackson Family Photo.  Five people one of them appears to be in a wheelchair.  It looks like Christmas time.

Jackson Family Photo

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Wheelchair Wash and Health Fair 2016

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Apr 212016

This year’s wheelchair wash in Appleton, WI will be a little bit different. It will be held at NuMotion instead of the Fox Valley Technical College. NuMotion is located on West Hill Boulevard in Appleton, WI. Also registration for the event is now with Making the Ride Happen this year. Don’t worry besides being able to clean up your power wheelchair, Manual wheelchair or scooter there will still be door prizes, community resources, wellness booths, safety inspections, and lunch. As usual, this is a free event. For more information and information on location, transportation, and free registration click the flyer link below.

View Event Flyer

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Feb 292016

Since Oliver was diagnosed with a rare case of muscular dystrophy, Scheier knew that his daily struggles to dress himself would limit his choices in clothing. Luckily, her background in fashion design — Scheier

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Author: Maria Bobila Publication: Fashionista Date: 2-23-16

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Jan 192016

But Disney said no pushing wheelchairs allowed. “That caught me by surprise, actually,” said Boyle.

So he contacted the U.S. Track and Field Federation and asked them to reconsider. “We got a phone call out of the blue. It was the director of the event himself, who said we would like you to come down and take part,” said Boyle.

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Author: Dawn Kendrick Publication: WTHR Date: 1-18-15

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Aug 282015

One mother was deeply moved when she witnessed a boy’s interaction with her young son.

When Katie Myers’ son, Kaden, was 7 months old, he was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, a disease that causes his muscles to get progressively weaker.

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Author: Kimberly Yam      Publication: Huffington Post   Date: 8-19-15

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