Circle of Friends

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Nov 212013

DV Newsletter #41 

At Thanksgiving we are thankful for cornucopia of things, a free country, family, friends, a job, food and the comforts of home. I’m going to highlight friendship; it’s something we can take for granted. Some people who are disabled, whether physical or with a learning disability feel isolated from society. A great program called Circle of Friends bridges the gap between non-disabled and the disabled students.

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Wondered War Veteran Thankful

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Nov 242011

 Watch this wonderful thanksgiving story brought to you by the American Story with Bob Dotson. It’s about a wounded War Veteran from Parker Colorado who is thankful for still having a family and his wife who has stuck by his side through his paraplegia.   Sorry I could not find a text version of this article.  View Video

Publication: NBC Today

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Aug 212011

Tanned and beaming on Friday after a dream honeymoon in Fiji, newlyweds Rachelle and Chris Chapman radiated the sunny spirit that has kept their bond unbreakable since a freak accident at Rachelle’s bachelorette party left her paralyzed just over one year ago.

The darkness that befell the couple on May 23, 2010… View Entire Article

Publication:  MSNBC Today Author:  Scott Stump

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May 182011

Priest Father Phil Henning of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in  Floresville, Texas denied an eight year old boy, Kevin Castro, with cerebral palsy of partaking in his first communion. Henning has been accused by the boy’s family for discrimination after he refused to carry out the communion ritual.

In place of the communion, the priest suggested Kevin receive the sacrament of the anointing of the sick. Kevin’s grandmother was very upset by this and said, “That anointing they give you before death. That was very offensive.”  View Entire Article

Publication: Daily Mail Online 

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May 172011

A central Minnesota home health aide has been fired and cited by state investigators for having sex several times with a physically handicapped patient who had been one of her patients.

The aide for Good Shepherd Home Health Care in Sauk Rapids told a state Health Department investigator that she “didn’t want to cross that line,” but eventually did so after first admitting to her superiors that she was developing feelings for the man.

That admission prompted her superiors in February to remove her as the man’s aide, but the sexual encounters that followed were still in violation of the Vulnerable Adults Act, according to a department report released Friday.    View Entire Article

Publication: Star Tribune  Author: Paul Walsh

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Couple Exchanges Vows in Central Park

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Oct 292010
Disability rights activists Alejandra Ospina and Nick Dupree celebrated their love and commitment at Merchants’ Gate in Central Park on Sunday.

Ospina is a representative for GimpGirl Community, an Internet organization that supports women and girls with disabilities, an English-Spanish translator and a health care reform advocate who has testified at New York City Council hearings. She has attended Hunter College.

Dupree, who is from Alabama, is a long-term health care reform advocate and writer who attended Spring Hill College. Dupree led a two-year campaign called Nick’s Crusade that enabled 25 people in Alabama who are ventilator-dependent to receive home care past the age of 21… . . More Article

By  Emily F. Keller, Transportation Access – June 07, 2010
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Oct 112010
DV Speaks: This article is the sequel to an article posted on DisabilityVoice October 6, 2010. Where a boy could not get a needed treatment approved by Medicaid. See Previous Article
After the media got involved and legislators were alerted, legislators compassionately (?  seeking notoriety ?) convinced Medicaid to change their mind about paying for this procedure. This shows you how far out legislators are from knowing the needs of people with disabilities; who are at the mercy of legislators. 
 Stem cell transplant for 4-year-old Charlie Knuth will be paid
DARBOY — Officials at the state Department of Health Services have changed their minds and will pay for a stem cell transplant that could save a 4-year-old Fox Cities boy’s life. . . . More Article

ByPost-CrescentThe Associated Press– Oct. 09, 2010

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Oct 072010

Caring for her 4-year-old son is a full-time job   for Knuth. Charlie has the genetic skin disease epidermolysis bullosa, better known as EB. The state Medicaid office recently refused to pay for a stem cell transplant that could save Charlie’s life, sparking community outrage and drawing the ire of some Fox Valley lawmakers. . . . More Article

ByPost-CrescentMichael Louis Vinson– Oct. 06, 2010

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