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Levana ClearVu Digital Video Baby Monitor (LV-TW301) with Color Changing Night Light – Reviewed by Jason Hubal

This is a nice product I’ve used for several months. I have night nurses and needed a better audio “baby” monitor. Doing an internet search revealed video/audio units were available. I read reviews and decided on the Levana ClearVu. Being a hundred dollars more than the audio baby monitors we’ve purchased before, the ClearVu’s night-vision video made it an attractive choice. I’m a noisy sleeper so this makes it difficult to know if I’m calling a nurse. Now they know I’m calling because they can see my eyes and my lips moving.

The system was easy to setup, just plug in the camera and TV monitor. The tricky part was where to put the camera. It came with a wall mount, but then it couldn’t be moved when I turned on my side.  So we placed it on a wheeled hospital table, which worked well. Positioning the camera had its trouble at first, but once you knew how far and what angle to place it from me, than the less you had to fiddle with it. The sound is crisp and clear. In total darkness the night-vision only shows a bright picture, but a little light brought the camera into focus. It works well during day-light times. Depending on your house structure, the manual gives the wireless range of 150 to 350 feet, and ours was tested to 350 at least. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, the screen goes blank and you have to reset the camera in my room. I give the ClearVu 4 out of 5 (5 being the highest).  

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