You may need to survive on your own after an emergency. This means having your own food, water, and other supplies in sufficient quantity to last for at least three days. Local officials and relief workers will be on the scene after a disaster, but they cannot reach everyone immediately. You could get help in hours, or it might take days. In addition, basic services such as electricity, gas, water, sewage treatment, and telephones may be cut off for days, or even a week or longer.







Ready.gov is a fantastic website created by FEMA to help individuals and their families understand their needs in the event of a disaster. Needs include creating a plan, having all your supplies ready weeks before a storm, medications, and medical supplies pertaining to your disability or chronic illness,  knowing your emergency numbers, family contacts, who can you stay with in the event you may have to evacuate days prior to the storm, who can assist you locally (neighbors, friends), back-up power (generator) and lastly a File-of-Life, and important piece of paper with your medical history and a photo to protect you if emergency personnel must be called to your residence and you cannot speak for yourself.