Tiffany Pohl Article


Tiffany Pohl Article  Written by Timothy A Carey- 01-09-2009

  I was at the house of this amazing woman in October of 2008. I feel she is a very optimistic and confident woman. I am sure she probably gets down once in awhile, but don’t we all. What makes her amazing is that she is paralyzed from the neck down and doesn’t give up. Despite being bedridden most of the time and not being able to go out most other times because of a temperature regulation problem due to the paralysis, this Kaukauna, Wisconsin woman seems to have a thirst for life.

    She has had some setbacks including infections after experimental surgery, a diaphragmatic pacer surgery failure, gaining some sensation in her shoulders and losing it, and now recently pneumonia. Diaphragmatic pacer is a device that directly electrically stimulates the diaphragm of the lungs to cause breathing. Through all of her trials she seems to have a belief in God. She could have been angry at God, or stopped believing altogether, because her paralysis and everything else, but instead she is thankful God made sure she lived. See Tiffany Pohl was hit by a man who was drinking. Medical professionals said she was basically decapitated with only skin and tissue holding her head on. The man went to trial and was found innocent of any wrong doing and was then considered not drunk even after an admitted seven mixed drinks. I hope he will do some soul searching before drinking and getting in front of the wheel again no matter how dark and desolate the road is. Supposedly there was some doubt because it was dark out and maybe she was on the wrong side of the road. If he wouldn’t have been drinking, would he have hit her anyway? We will never know. Was the jury correct? That isn’t for anyone to say because it is, after all, innocent until proven guilty. Tiffany did win a civil suit, but she is still paralyzed.

    Through all this I don’t recall hearing her side. After all Tiffany doesn’t remember her accident. Tiffany has been able to piece together what has happened from friends, family, and a little bit about it on TV. Days before her accident which almost killed Tiffany and injured her friend Tiffany decided she would join a marathon to win a vacation for her and other family members. She was in the practice of bringing her boyfriend snacks at a gas station where he worked at night. The evening of her accident she was doing the same, bringing snacks, but this time she decided to walk so she could get ready for the marathon. She put on a sweatshirt with bright shiny pieces on it, for safety at night, because she knew it was a dark road. Needless to say, she didn’t make it to her destination.

    You haven’t heard the last of Tiffany because she expressed interest in having a blog on DisabilityVoice and in writing articles when she can. She now has a long marathon to travel, but she is still very hopeful. I commend her greatly for waking up in her condition and yet she still wants to talk about it and also show her writing skills and maybe help someone in the process. I will be setting her up with the blog soon which will depend on her health. So keep watching for the blog of Tiffany Pohl in the Voice of Disability section on DisabilityVoice.