Free U.S. Federal Park Access Pass


by Timothy A Carey & Lyday Latte (06-16-2009)
The official season of summer is starting very soon.  Many people are probably dreaming and planning activities and trips during the summer months.  Some might be thinking about visiting a Federal Park or a nearby State Park.  Most of these fun events and places to go all cost money.  This can be for financially burdensome especially in the failing economic times.  If you are an older individual or a person with a disability, on a fixed income, this can be extremely difficult to afford.  For instance, in Federal Parks the Access Pass, formerly referred to as Golden Eagle Pass, costs $80.00/year and does not provide discounts. 

For people 62 and over, people with disabilities, and parents of children with disabilities there it is a wonderful way to save money.  There is a lifetime Senior Pass for people 62 years old and over.  This is a onetime fee of $10.00. 
A person with a documented permanent disability may receive a lifetime Federal Recreation Access Pass free.  The pass also gives you discounts and will give you access to FIVE Federal agency properties free!  (not just National Parks)
If you have child with documented disability, they can also get a pass, and parents or caregivers are admitted with the child free of charge.  Some places limit who can enter free with the child.  All three types of people discussed above must be US Citizens and Permanent Residents.

You must bring proof of disability to one of the many Federal facilities listed at the website I provide later.  There is more info from the same website you should know about.  They say, “The Access Pass admits pass owner/s and passengers in a non-commercial vehicle at per-vehicle fee areas and pass 3 adults, not over 4 adults, where per-person fees are charged.” 

The website for all this info is listed below along with other informative websites.
· Bureau of Land Management
· Bureau of Reclamation
· Fish & Wildlife Service
· USDA Forest Service
· National Park Service http://www.nps.go 

Lyday Latte, a member of a group, did most of the research and I would like to thank her very much.  As Lyday Latte said, “Enjoy your National Parks!”

I mentioned above you may have fun at your State Park.  There are websites for your State Park and you can find your state park by going to the following websites.

I would like to mention Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is my home state and they do have discounts for Seniors and people with disabilities.  They also have discounts for Veterans with disabilities.  They don’t seem to have anything for people with disabilities who are not Veterans.  Some of the Wisconsin State Parks have very reasonable accessible cabins people with disabilities can rent.  Here are some websites for Wisconsin State Parks.