IKAN Bowling


Written by Timothy A Carey – June 10, 2011

He was paralyzed about 14 years ago in a freak college accident after drinking too much, but William A. Miller has kept his KAN do attitude.  He went back to college at University of Florida and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  Before he graduated, with the help of Claude Giguere and Vince Tifer, William A. Miller developed the IKAN Bowler helping William see his dream of bowling again. 

This C1-2 quadriplegic man, totally dependent on a ventilator, who controls his power wheelchair by blowing and sucking on a straw, reached a score of 122 on one of his first tries with the complete IKAN bowler.  This ramp type device that mounts to virtually any power chair has William playing in tournaments against non-wheelchair users and about a month ago he scored 223. 

Check out William and a few of his friends in action on this You Tube video and see some records made by others using the IKAN Bowler on the records site, the top overall known record is 243. 

The IKAN Bowler has been approved by the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) for league and tournament play bowling with and/or against able-bodied bowlers.  When a person in a power chair uses the IKAN Bowler they do essentially what an able-bodied bowler does; setup, then physically approach, and release the ball while stopping short of the foul line. 

The IKAN Bowler is sold online through a company called Manufacturing Genius Thrills, which was started by the creators of the IKAN Bowler. 

I have known William for a little while now and I can say he is quite proud of the IKAN Bowler and he well should be because this will help many people.  From one of William’s web sites, he says the following after an afternoon of bowling, “Thanks for a great afternoon.  Can you imagine how much fun people across the country might be having with our products in a year or two? …”.  After all the IKAN Bowler embodies the word IKANO, which is the Greek word “to enable.  

Many people with disabilities have a mind, but have no way of accomplishing their ideas or innovations.  It’s so wonderful that two able bodied men could see it in their heart to help William,which actually made William an able bodied person when goes bowling.  And all three creators have enabled people with disabilities.  Here are some photos of those now enabled by the IKAN bowler and also a link to William’s Blog.